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Rage against the Charlatans – issues a challenge to all nightclub and late bar managers

“Get off your backsides and do what you`re supposed to be doing!”

“Yes I`m talking you nightclub and late bar managers!”

“I`m issuing a challenge”

“Get out of the rut”

“Don`t get ecstatic  about a room full of borderline 18s and/or aging “townies”.”

“Understand it or not you are in the entertainment business.”

“Don`t know how to do it?”



Rock City Nottingham – The Ultimate Atmosphere – Never experienced it – Never lived

Rock City breaks down barriers – loves people – welcomes everyone and never judges a person by their appearance.

Rock City  lifts the atmosphere off into the stratosphere – and Rock City is packed to capacity with clubbers who know they have chosen the best indie night in the UK and beyond.

Locarno Girl visited Rock City some months ago, and we have a clip of the Hey Hey Hey night under “Nottingham” on this site, which I thought was amazing – but no no no!

Experiencing the  Saturday night in the main room is 100 times more exciting, and leaves you feeling both bereft and privileged when you leave the building. The fusion of music and lighting draws everyone into the atmosphere, instantly making everyone into a vital part of the night.

Rock City Nottingham – The Ultimate Atmosphere – Never Experienced It – Never Lived

Rock City – what clubbing is all about!


Image from britevents.com

Hey Hey Hey

Call us flirty if you like, but we don`t care. We are now in love with two clubs. Rock City Nottingham and Clint Boon`s South at Manchester. We went to South a couple of weeks ago and to Rock City on Halloween Saturday.

The Halloween costumes were amazing. Some of the people must have had make-up done by professionals. Think everyone dressed up apart from three guys and the door staff.

As in most clubs, Jagerbombs ruled. The back of the bar was full of them.

Everyone was friendly, there was no trouble, and ID checks were friendly but thorough.

If you danced too much it was really warm. Loo roll was in short supply. Bands were great and the atmosphere kicked – like relaxing with attitude.

Don’t know how managers see it, but we like to think that the club is ours. Somewhere to be us; somewhere away from uni and projects and essays, our own party place – and Rock City hits the spot.

Great night – would definitely go back. Yes Yes Yes.


Video http://vimeo.com/declanomara

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