I visited Lincoln on Friday the 24th of February

I visited Lincoln on Friday the 24th of February with Locarno Girl. You may have read her posts on Home, Tokyos, Lola Lo and the JJs, Pulse and Ritzy complex.

Lincoln – you have the most amazing club scene, and without doubt one of the best in the country. You have “must visit” clubs, with incredible style and investment. Within this you have all the plots and subplots as to which club has the “best” clientele; which one has the highest attendance, and which one gives the highest return, and so on. You also have benefit of a large influx of students to add to the vibrant mix of local clubbers.

Lola Lo opens during early April, but their marketing team complete with the red coats and camper van adds to the already vibrant hustle and bustle of ” club-time”.

Within a few months Lincoln will have had three brand new clubs.

Clearly  Home, Tokyo`s and JJ`s/Ritzy/Pulse will seek to hold onto their customers. But their tactics need to be measured, appropriate and fresh.

Could it be that marketing departments hold off?

And the manager`s office only opened for key admin and emergencies?

Because the winner in this fascinating scenario will be the best manager, with the best involvement and best image in the town.

After all it is  the duty of every manager is to bring customers into the club and make them feel safe, welcome and valued.

Many industry onlookers have already privately muted to they think will win!


And good luck!


Image from Lincoln Nightlife

Not what I expected. Nothing at Home Lincoln to make me feel special.

Not what I expected. Nothing at Home Lincoln to make me feel special.

Beautiful rooms and effects. Fabulous for VIPs. But what about the rest of us?

Warmth of welcome? No.

Volume of music in lounge/restaurant area and lower disco area? Elevenish – almost enough to knock you over.

Returned later. Queue. Mild welcome for those of us paying. Super welcome for those not paying behind us – VIPS?

Club was “happening” – did not feel “managed”. Confusion on getting to the main upstairs room. Lady by barrier ropes shouting “VIPs and those with wrist bands up these stairs – the rest of you go along….past….. up the stairs….”

THE REST OF YOU!!!!!  Really special!

So the rest of us did as were were shouted at to do – but to get into the main room was an impossibility. It was physically packet to capacity.

But the ceiling looked fabulous. And the dancer to the left of the door. Beautiful.

Barstaff – music policy – club atmosphere. Brilliant. But overall –

No management effort to make everyone feel like a VIP.


Home image from twitter.com

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Lincoln is never going to be the same again

“Lincoln is never going to be the same again”…That was the marketing strap line for the opening of Home Nightclub on Friday 11-11-2011. Billed as The ultimate entertainment venue in Lincoln, it had a lot to live up to, after all, the 9 week pre opening campaign masterminded by Operations Director Jonathon Guest and Promotions Manager Mark Smith had certainly done the trick in getting people talking about what to expect from Lincolns latest late night offering. Thankfully the carefully marketed campaign was an unbelievable success and the club was open to incredible reviews. Lincoln was amazed! For Home had arrived.

In just two short months, The £3million centrally  located venue has become THE venue to Eat, Drink, Relax, Party & Entertain for customers from 18 to 80 with a variety of entertainment and themes all under one roof. It’s 6 rooms, 8 bars & fantastic roof terrace has delivered the best in entertainment, service, food and much more, something Operations Director Jonathon Guest is very proud of.

“We always set out from day one” says Jonathon “to make sure we provided not only the ultimate entertainment venue in Lincoln, but also a benchmark for the future of the nighttime industry. Obviously this was an ambitious dream but i was confidant with the right team in place and with the plans we had drawn up we had a fighting chance to change the tide and show that with real investment, passion and standards we really could make a difference…we built it and they came! We pride ourselves on our standards and have shown that with the right product in the right position we can provide a fantastic experience for our customers, serving premium brands at sensible prices each and every time they visit”

Home features 6 themed rooms. “The Studio®”, “The Lounge®”, “The Outside Tequila Bar®”, “The Home Main Arena”, “The Loft®” and the luxurious “Reserve Lounge VIP Suite®” each room is themed to cater for a specific demographic and finished to an extremely high standard. From partying on the LED flashing dance floor in “The Studio®” to experiencing the latest dance tunes in the “Home Main Arena®”, enjoying a mouth watering meal in “The Lounge” to sipping exciting cocktails in the “Outside Bar®”, chilling in the exuberant “Loft Bar®” to relaxing in the stunning “Reserve Lounge®”, Home offers it all as Promotions Manager Mark Smith explains.

“from Day one it was clear we had one hell of a challenge ahead of us” says Mark, “We had to develop an experience for all ages and succeed where many others had failed. A venue serving fine food, offering premium brands and standards with A1 entertainment and atmosphere in each and every room, 7 days a week…no mean task. Ive helped launch many successful clubs over the years including the award winning “Quest” in Wakefield and “Embrace” in Sheffield. But this was the biggest challenge yet, but with a carefully executed marketing and promotions campaign we thankfully have launched to incredible acclaim and with the Entertainment packages we have coming in the months ahead we are confidant that our customers will stay loyal to our experience”

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