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El Divino – and the Friday Nights Keep Growing

It`s so refreshing to see that all is well in club world in Belfast. We checked out El Divino – and the Friday Nights Keep Growing.

And it`s no surprise: – the age old mix of high standards of entertainment – plus integrity – added to atmosphere and showmanship will always bring out the best of the clubbers!



Girls you can always click onto the El Divino Facebook to find the pictures of the fellas!










Walking on Water – El Divino and Tracey Hall Style Academy Fashion Show

And we are not speaking metaphorically – the models really were walking on water at the El Divino and Tracey Hall Fashion Show.

As for the water – that was the River Lagan –


And the audience needed somewhere to sit – so the car park was filled with “concert seating” –

And then it was showtime –

We could not miss out the lovely Rebecca – and the credits for the key players at the event at the bottom of the image.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

And what a lesson for the hundreds of “groundhog day” clubs around the UK.

How does the saying go?

“They can only fly because they think they can”!










Good Friday El Divino Belfast – Together

Found some great pictures of Good Friday El Divino Belfast – Together.

Thought we`d share them with you.



Clubland looks pretty good from all sides

St Patricks Night – El Divino do it in style!

There`s no getting away from it – when it comes to celebrating St Patricks Night – El Divino do it in style!

Thought, quality and absolute concentration!


And absolutely no hint of the generic “this is what we always do” entertainment.

These guys plan the night. Welcome to the El Divino Journey.

And the joys of being a photographer!


Think I can feel another visit to Belfast coming on!


Images from El Divino Facebook 


El Divino Fridays – Together in Belfast

El Divino Fridays – Together. The pictures tell the story –

Belfast welcomes the world during April this year with its festival of activities relating to the Titanic – but no visit would be complete without enjoying El Divino.

Saturday Uptown nights look pretty good too –

Images from El Divino Facebook


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