From Teresa Stevenson

Cats Whiskers Oldham and R&Js World Disco Dancing Championships

I remember Heather Reece she was a good dancer, she had a sister
called Carol who won Miss Cats Whiskers
I know this because I came second. The DJ was called Skraggs and there
was also one called Dave? think he went to Australia
I can’t recall the Cats Whiskers ever being called Tiffanys.
I worked as a barmaid for several years at the Cats Whiskers upstairs near the
Bird Cage and Hansom Cabs. T
The head bouncer at the time was called Big Barry.
I actually saw the Bay City Rollers there – good old days
I saw a ghost. A woman with a white gown, just as I was about to ask her to go down stairs she walked passed me and disappeared
I do believe big Barry also saw the same one.
The manager was called Vicki, she was very tall and looked like a model.
The music was fantastic ranging from Motown / northern soul to funk and pop. All good.
After the Cats Whiskers the club was called Bo Bos