Hi, I’m Gareth Butler. Living now in California.

I was DJ at the Locarno in 1965/66. Wonderful times there during a memorable time for music.
Hosted some stars of the time including Lee Dorsey (Working in the Coalmine) and Ginger Baker. I worked on the revolvimg stage as DJ Gary.
My show featured the Locarno Lineup when I posted the results of the votes by each patron the previous night for their favourite tunes. The Top Ten. And played them as a highlight of the night. 45’s on a twin deck turntable.
I have no pictures of that time. If anyone out there does I would LOVE to get copies.
I am shortly going to visit my homeland and especially Derbyshire where I’m from so if anyone has memories from that time or especially any fellow workers at the Locarno are still around please contact me.
Thanks so much. Gareth.

Footnote from Locarno Boy –

Great to hear from you Gareth, and if anyone would like to hear from him….. or better still meet him when comes back to the UK…… lets us know so we can arrange a meet-up