Attractions at the North East Bailey Clubs from December 1966

I wonder how many of the attractions at the North East Bailey clubs from December 1966 are still remembered today.

The Cavendish Newcastle, Contessa Middlesbrough, La Bamba Darlington, Wetheralls Sunderland, Marimba Middlesbrough, Tito`s Stockton, La Dolce Vita Newcastle and Latino South Shields listed the following artists in their December advertising –

Lance Percival   –   David and Jonathan   –   The Paul Andrews Show   –   The Four Pennies   –   Dickie Arnold and Dottie   –   Virginia Lee   –   Jack Hammer   –   Malcolm Mitchel   –   Gordon Peters   –   The Denis Lotis Show   –   Ronnie Dukes and Ricky Lee   –   Paul Andrews   –   X`Caliburs   –   Acker Bilk   –   Wee Willy Harris   –   Valerie Masters   –   Virginia Lee   –   New Vaudeville Band   –   John Bouchier   –   Millicent Martin   and 1964 Miss World Ann Sidney

Each act was a club-filler, many of which were television and recording stars of the day

And just in case you thought that audiences were prudish – we have added an image of Dickie Arnold and Dottie ……….       at the point where she walks away from the guitar …………

And of course the guitar (sorry lute) comes apart ……………………..

Just in case you wondered.


Dickie and Dottie image from myspace  – Four Pennies from





Big night at The Mecca – so tie your whippet to the fence

You cannot talk about clubs and nights out without talking about Sunderland an` the North East.

Aye, we had Roker Park and Jim Montgomery and Billy Hughes and Bob Stokoe; the Black Cat and Fusion and Wetheralls. But my favourite was always The Mecca in Newcastle Road.

Over 25s Nights was brilliant man, especially for the lads who`d made an effort, like proper trousers and shoes. Shirt instead of T shirt. I`ve seen Cream, The Who, The Animals, and loads more there, including The Little Waster (Bobby Thompson).

One night I saw a chap walk his lass up to the club, a real scruffy lad, but she was dressed up like a million dollars. He tied his whippet to the railings and went in with her for a half hour. Then walked off with the dog. He`d collect his lass later – probably.

Nobody danced to Brian Ferry in Genevieve’s disco upstairs . Just stood and smiled, all dreamy eyed. Then clapped when his record finished.

He`s one lads – brilliant bloke.

Had to smarten up for Saturdays though. Went to Julies at Newcastle. Good club. No footy talk there though.

You havena`  lived till you`ve had a night out in Gods country.


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