Who was with Fabritzio Ravanelli at the Millennium nightclub Stockton?

We have been loaned the following picture showing former Middlesbrough striker Fabritzio Ravanelli at the Millennium night club Stockton.

He was bought by Brian Robson for 7 million, but despite setting many female hearts aflutter, was eventually transferred to Derby County.

But the question is – who was with Fabritzio Ravanelli at the Millennium nightclub Stockton?



Attractions at the North East Bailey Clubs from December 1966

I wonder how many of the attractions at the North East Bailey clubs from December 1966 are still remembered today.

The Cavendish Newcastle, Contessa Middlesbrough, La Bamba Darlington, Wetheralls Sunderland, Marimba Middlesbrough, Tito`s Stockton, La Dolce Vita Newcastle and Latino South Shields listed the following artists in their December advertising –

Lance Percival   –   David and Jonathan   –   The Paul Andrews Show   –   The Four Pennies   –   Dickie Arnold and Dottie   –   Virginia Lee   –   Jack Hammer   –   Malcolm Mitchel   –   Gordon Peters   –   The Denis Lotis Show   –   Ronnie Dukes and Ricky Lee   –   Paul Andrews   –   X`Caliburs   –   Acker Bilk   –   Wee Willy Harris   –   Valerie Masters   –   Virginia Lee   –   New Vaudeville Band   –   John Bouchier   –   Millicent Martin   and 1964 Miss World Ann Sidney

Each act was a club-filler, many of which were television and recording stars of the day

And just in case you thought that audiences were prudish – we have added an image of Dickie Arnold and Dottie ……….       at the point where she walks away from the guitar …………

And of course the guitar (sorry lute) comes apart ……………………..

Just in case you wondered.


Dickie and Dottie image from myspace  – Four Pennies from





Hermans Hermits – “Something tells me Im into something good” – but not at the Blackburn hotels!

When Herman`s Hermits appeared for the week at The Cavendish Blackburn, their 45 minute midnight show was hugely successful, despite audiences usually being “pretty well stewed”. Although Peter Noone admitted in an interview with Brit-mags that he didn`t mind that, as it normally helped the atmosphere. He also admitted that Blackburn “was hardly his favourite town”.

Peter went on to say that they did not do too many tours, and consequently limited their appearances in the Northern Clubs. Although on this occasion, despite only appearing on stage for 45 minutes, they had worked for 41 consecutive nights, including the Bailey clubs at Sheffield, Birmingham, Stockton and Blackburn.

He also acknowledged that “the money” is up North, with some clubs having an audience potential  the same as London, the only difference being that people may have to travel further.

Unfortunately the Blackburn hotel situation had not helped. Peter and his wife Mireille had been unable to sleep due to excessive noise, and had changed hotels twice. Eventually moving nearer to the Manchester area where Peter was born.

He also spoke of the “grim” side of touring – all the packing and travelling – the search for accommodation – and the difficulty of finding a decent place – finding one – then having to move on.

Having been thrown out of accommodation late at night in Blackburn – Locarno Boy can only empathise.

We were staying in the same bed and breakfast as the cabaret. Memories fade, but we think it was with The Fortunes.

All was going well until one of the band produced and opened a can of beer.

“Get out. Get out,” ranted the owner. “Get out. I`m not having this. I`m not having you make a fool of me”.

You can imagine our amazement at watching a genial host turn into a Tasmanian Devil.

That is until we discovered that he had built a tiny licensed bar in the corner of the lounge to help make his business more attractive, only to find that previous guests had also brought in their own beer turning his licensing investment into a loss maker.

Unfortunately our discovering this did not prevent our eviction, and temporary homelessness as we wandered the streets of Blackburn with our belongings, looking for somewhere to stay.

Then one of the band struck up with – “You`ve got your troubles I`ve got mine.”

A world away from luxurious tour buses, managers and minders!


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