Some great pictures came into Locarno Boy this week……..

Some great pictures came into Locarno Boy this week………………   Can you guess who it is yet???

We`ve lots of follow up on one of these “stunnas” – but we need a few days to get organised.


The following two pictures show first of all how seriously a new customer care package was received – and a very smart management team from……..

More to follow!


What a team. Jacqui and Mark.

Shanghai Sams Peterborough – great times – great people!
















There was always a quality to the nights at Shanghai Sam’s

There was always a quality to the nights at Shanghai Sams. Maybe it was the lay-out of the club; perhaps the decor – but they only formed the backdrop. The reality was the warmth of welcome from the management and staff, blended with first class DJs and a clientele to challenge any other in the UK; all culminating to create an atmosphere that lingered way after the club had closed.


Part of the policy during the early 1990s was to feature chart artists with funding from drinks companies. One of the first of which was Two Unlimited – who were enjoying phenomenal success with “Get Ready for This”.

The club was packed on the night of their visit, but when the duo  (Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth) arrived, it was clear that Ray was ill. He had a migraine, which gave him a blinding headache and feeling of nausea, alongside the sensation of absolute exhaustion.

Ray immediately dismissed any suggestion of not going on stage – the public had come to see his act, and he had no intention of letting them down.

After the show Ray settled into a chair in the manager`s office and Anita spoke to some of the staff, all of which had been unable to see the stage because of the busy bars and high numbers of people.

Ray heard this and came out of the office. He then announced that they would do another show – just for the staff – when all of the customers had left.

Two Unlimited created another brilliant show, after which they went back to their hotel.


Gabrielle was equally professional. Her single “Dreams” was doing extremely well in the charts, and she produced a pitch perfect live version of her hit. She had a little girl lost appeal that warmed the audience to her in ways that produced goose bumps.

She arrived at Shanghai Sams in a black VW Golf, supported by a number of males who had no intention of showing friendship or interest in the venue or its customers.

Nevertheless we had another night to remember at the venue.


I understand that one of the Shanghai Sams managers was converting the now empty premises into a bar called Halo.

If this is true I wish him the very best of luck.



More Midlands managers pictures – with a very pleased Tony Gorbert

Have found even more First Leisure Midlands managers pictures – with a very pleased Tony Gorbert on quite a few of them.

Wonder what he knew?

The first picture is of Pat and Johnny West – doesn`t he treat her well – all these nights out!

Very knowing and thoughtful, expressions from Tony on the left, and Dave Keetley on the right.

Wonder if they had been talking to Steve Thomas???

Wendy is keeping husband Cameron Walsh Balshaw under control tonight. Not like the occasion when he took over the front desk at Derby Police Station!

And the time in Hull when he…. no – that`s another story.

We`ve sent Kevin from Seventh Heaven Doncaster with extra wine to try and get more info from Tony – but it just makes him look ultra pleased!

Think we are getting to the truth now – and why shouldn`t he look pleased?


All the pictures we taken on the raised back tier of the Cantonese restaurant in The Black Orchid Nottingham.

Hope you like them.
















Midlands region First Leisure office Christmas Party – no expence spared

It was the Midlands Region First Leisure office Christmas Party – no expence spared – photos were taken – and now we have memories revived.

Or have we?

We can remember some of the names – but others need to be refreshed – so for the record, all assistance will be appreciated. The venue was Cairo Jacks Sheffield

No one can forget Ian Bomber Harries in the thumbnail shot at the start of this post – and below we have Adrian Martin and Dave Howell

On the shot below from left to right we have Hillary from Seventh Heaven, Dick Child, Bomber, not sure, Tony Gorbert from the Travelers – then Andy Conquer from Peterb0rough

Next we have Andy Mac and Jason Smith from Cairo Jacks Sheffield

Johnny West and Angie Weston from The Pink Coconut Derby

Not certain of the everyone`s names – but we definitely have John Sulley and Trish Cosgrove in the middle

Linda (formerly Tony Spragg`s secretary – the cashier at Cairo Jacks – with Area Controller Alaister Braid in the centre.

Betty from the Slick Chick Derby – cashier  and the best agony aunt in the business.

Sorry guys – can`t remember – and they are so happy.

Another shot of Trish and John – she looks coy – but she likes his style

Maureen, cashier from Shanghai Sams Peterborough

Andy Mac`s team from Silks and Cairo Jacks Sheffield – probably waiting for everyone else to go home

Not sure how true the story is – but it is rumoured that one of the managers collected in the party hats and sold them to try and get his petty cash to balance.


Don`t forget to credit Locarno Boy if you copy any of the images


The Allo Allo night at Shanghai Sams Peterborough – RAF Wittering and two strange German Officers

When Nigel Leason decided to hold an “Allo Allo” night at Shanghai Sam`s Peterborough it was a must for at least one of the managers in the First Leisure Midlands Region to support him.

Tony Gorbert from The Traveler`s at Griffydam Leicestershire immediately volunteered. He knew of a rental company in Coleville that hired out uniforms, and he was determined to be an officer. Regional Manager Dick Child agreed to go to with him, so plans were made.

It should be noted that in the “Allo Allo” comedy television show, German officers were the subject of ridicule, and very easy to outwit.

Tony would only drive if he could keep his hat on, and being so tall had to open the sun roof.

Because anything over 50 miles per hour blew it off.

So it was a long journey, but one that amused everyone overtaking them, including police patrol officers.

Nigel was there to greet us. Unfortunately he didn`t watch much television, so came dressed as one of the Three Musketeers. Bless him – it was still French.

So what! The night was brilliant. Lots of people in fancy dress, everyone laughing and smiling, and a capacity. audience. The German officers genuinely were regarded as figures of fun – but strangely very attractive to the girls, who bought them endless glasses of mineral water, lemonade and colas.

They left the club with hundreds of Allo Allo catch phrases ringing in their ears – “I will say this only once” – “You stupid woman” – etc etc ……and set off for the A1 north.

But before they had reached the intersection, they were both feeling very uncomfortable from all the liquid hospitality! And matters became much worse traveling up the A1 at 50 miles an hour – so Tony could keep his hat on.

Discomfort evolved into desperation, until they had no alternative other than to stop the car and stand with their backs to the road like two men enjoying a Eureka moment.

“Why is that Harrier jump jet parked there?” asked Tony.

“We are at RAF Wittering, where the Harriers fly from.”

“Good Lord,” gasped Tony. “Here we are outside a military base dressed as German Officers in compromising circumstances. We could get 10 years for this! Come on. Lets get away from here before they arrest us.”

After further delay they climbed back in the car, and roared off……………. at 50 miles an hour!

Tony still refused to take his hat off.

What an event – the Allo Allo night at Shanghai Sams Peterborough – RAF Wittering and two strange German Officers – and a most inappropriate call of nature.


Allo Allo image from

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