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The story of Enoch – the nude young lady – and a big stick.

We were reminded recently of the story of Enoch – the nude young lady – and a big stick.

Enoch was the handyman at Tiffany`s nightclub Newcastle under Lyme.

He was good at his job, but very much the “behind the scenes” man; tall and wide, probably in his late 50s, balding, and with a lean muscular build – bordering on knobbly!

A great guy – but definitely not a man to challenge to a street fight.

He arrived at work one Monday morning during the late 70s, with an amused but thoughtful expression.

Clearly a man with a story to tell.

Enoch lived with his son. Each had his own lifestyle, but made sure that each knew whereabouts of each other – albeit in a masculine, but caring way.

On the previous Saturday night Enoch had asked if his son would me coming home after a night out – the son said “no”.

After a visit to his local pub, Enoch went home, locked up the house and went to bed – where he slept completely naked. Tomorrow was Sunday; he could wake up from natural causes.

No sooner had he nodded off than he heard a noise.

It seemed to be coming from downstairs.

He quietly slipped out of bed; picked the stick he kept side for dealing with intruders, and crept downstairs.

The house was in darkness as he checked the hallway, then the kitchen – which only left the living room.

For a while he stood and listened. There was someone in there.

His emotions flashed from flight into definite fight mode.

His eyes widened to increase his vision. His heart raced faster to pump the blood into the muscles he needed to protect himself. Then with a firm grip on his intruder bashing stick he grabbed the door handle to his living room – flung the door open and switched on the light –

And shouted “what the hell do you think you`re doing”.

The scream that followed could be heard throughout much of Newcastle under Lyme.

His son had decided to return home after all – but he was not alone.

A petrified young lady lay starkers on the hearth rug. His son, wearing nothing but a frown, knelt by the side of her….

Enoch crashed into the room like a Stone Age warrior, completely naked, his face still distorted from his “battle cry”.

The poor girl lay a speechless.

“She must have thought she was having a bloody nightmare!” mused Enoch – after telling the tale..

Mmmmm – Enoch in the nude…





“Get out dad,” demanded the son.

“Though were burglars,” stammered the dad.

“Just get out.”

“Sorry love,” offered the dad, before racing upstairs in the hope that the whole thing was just a dream.

Within minutes there was loud knocking at the front door.

It was the Police.

“You better come in,” muttered Enoch. “You see, what happened was………………………..


Leslie Grantham at the Mecca Tiffanys – Newcastle under Lyme on the 6th of March 1986.

A few weeks ago we managed to get behind the scenes at The Ritz Manchester, and while we were rooting around – we found the following photo of Leslie Grantham at the Mecca Tiffanys – Newcastle under Lyme on the 6th of March 1986.

We think the manager was Dave Edwards, but who are the ladies?

Eastenders was so popular that even the dastardly deeds of Dirty Den did not stop him pulling six girls at a time!


Thumbnail image Leslie Grantham and Anita Dobson from






Revolution de Cuba – Newcastle under Lyme – first visit – very very impressed!

What a beautiful venue – Revolution de Cuba – Newcastle under Lyme – first visit – very very impressed!

Wall to wall people with an average age nearer to thirty; relaxing, trendy and friendly, in a bar/club that suits many of the more affluent clientele perfectly. And look out for a change in drinking preference. What Revolution was to vodka sales – Revolution de Cuba may well do the same for rum.

The advertising promises to take us to “a glorious World of Rum” with a decor to create an image of when “when 1930s Havana meets Miami beach” – and it certainly hit the spot for me – as enthusiastic customers bought premium rums, pinches, granitas and cocktails

I loved the venue, in fact I thought the whole town looked good. The streets were reasonably quiet up to 11.30, but as I left the migration from the Ironmarket towards Brassingtons and other late premises in the  High Street had begun.

Yates`s in Ironmarket was well worth the visit. Very busy, great atmosphere, friendly people with the manager at the door giving out free free meets and greets to everyone. The room felt “real” – instant relaxation, mixed age group, lots of people smiling, good music – in short such a simple policy, butone that so easily bypasses the majority of bar/club owners.

St John`s Paramedics had set up a centre in the middle of town, and there was a visible friendly police presence.

Looked into Fallons bar – large doorman said “pound please” – but I couldn`t see a till or tariff – moved on – how on earth does he work out his accounts for HMRC?

Stars – of the night Revolution de Cuba and Yates`s.

So different – but well worth the visit.


Image from Revolution de Cuba Facebook


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