Notes on a visit to Lincoln Jumpin Jaks – Ritzy and Pulse – July 1999

The following post comes from notes taken on a visit to Lincoln Jumpin Jaks – Ritzy and Pulse – July 1999, at the time when the Rank nightclubs were up for disposal. Rank had previously taken over the Mecca Dancing estate.

Of course the eventual outcome was that Luminar took over the whole of the Rank estate, with this venue currently (2012) being one of the Lincoln  success stories, under the management of Paul Aloo.

I understand that the club was originally a Cinderella Rockerfellas, under the Mecca Dancing banner. Mecca took over Stringfellows highly successful Leeds venue and rolled out the brand.

Now back to the visit –

Manager Mehmet Bekir explained that Barracuda was the main problem venue in the city, but there was general concern at the large number of bars within the central area. Mehmet was not particularly affable, which seemed contrary to the needs of a small city nightclub. However, his disco rooms successfully traded 6 nights per week, although things did not look so good in Jumpin Jaks. Despite this being the smallest of the brand it traded badly.

Mehmet had previously managed The Venue in Bedford, and was concerned incase another club were to open in the city.

Legends (Luminar) was his main opposition nightclub, which I had visited earlier and found to be very busy prior to 10pm. Then the subject of a mass exodus when the £1 drinks policy ended. Leaving mountains of uncollected bottles and glasses on the tables.

Goodness knows what Mehmet would have made of the current situation –

With Ritzy, Tokyos, Lola Li and Home all fighting it out for pole position in the city.


Images from Ritzy website

I visited Lincoln on Friday the 24th of February

I visited Lincoln on Friday the 24th of February with Locarno Girl. You may have read her posts on Home, Tokyos, Lola Lo and the JJs, Pulse and Ritzy complex.

Lincoln – you have the most amazing club scene, and without doubt one of the best in the country. You have “must visit” clubs, with incredible style and investment. Within this you have all the plots and subplots as to which club has the “best” clientele; which one has the highest attendance, and which one gives the highest return, and so on. You also have benefit of a large influx of students to add to the vibrant mix of local clubbers.

Lola Lo opens during early April, but their marketing team complete with the red coats and camper van adds to the already vibrant hustle and bustle of ” club-time”.

Within a few months Lincoln will have had three brand new clubs.

Clearly  Home, Tokyo`s and JJ`s/Ritzy/Pulse will seek to hold onto their customers. But their tactics need to be measured, appropriate and fresh.

Could it be that marketing departments hold off?

And the manager`s office only opened for key admin and emergencies?

Because the winner in this fascinating scenario will be the best manager, with the best involvement and best image in the town.

After all it is  the duty of every manager is to bring customers into the club and make them feel safe, welcome and valued.

Many industry onlookers have already privately muted to they think will win!


And good luck!


Image from Lincoln Nightlife

Not what I expected. Nothing at Home Lincoln to make me feel special.

Not what I expected. Nothing at Home Lincoln to make me feel special.

Beautiful rooms and effects. Fabulous for VIPs. But what about the rest of us?

Warmth of welcome? No.

Volume of music in lounge/restaurant area and lower disco area? Elevenish – almost enough to knock you over.

Returned later. Queue. Mild welcome for those of us paying. Super welcome for those not paying behind us – VIPS?

Club was “happening” – did not feel “managed”. Confusion on getting to the main upstairs room. Lady by barrier ropes shouting “VIPs and those with wrist bands up these stairs – the rest of you go along….past….. up the stairs….”

THE REST OF YOU!!!!!  Really special!

So the rest of us did as were were shouted at to do – but to get into the main room was an impossibility. It was physically packet to capacity.

But the ceiling looked fabulous. And the dancer to the left of the door. Beautiful.

Barstaff – music policy – club atmosphere. Brilliant. But overall –

No management effort to make everyone feel like a VIP.


Home image from

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Locarno Girl visits Tokyos Lincoln 24.02.12

This club is beautiful!

Jenny – if ever you decide to move on I want to manage it.

Personality from the door supervisor. Chatty friendly reception staff.

The entrance staircase is amazing. Teaser for what`s to come. Staff and customers other clubs only dream of. All friendly. Smart casual and ready to party.

WOW and double WOW.

And the main room.

What a sound system. Clear. Classy and perfectly balanced. Then the music. So – so-  so right!

Beautiful people. Didn`t want to leave. Felt wanted. Important and in the place to be.

Jenny – believe in this club. It is awesome.


Locarno Girl visits JJs, Pulse and Ritzy Lincoln 24.02.12

Locarno Girl visits JJs, Pulse and Ritzy Lincoln 24.02.12

The place was packed.

All three floors. First JJ`s. Staff friendly. Music – Pop and Commercial Dance. Volume/sound quality lovely. Crowd – ordinary working people. Friendly. Great atmosphere.

Pulse and Ritzy. WOW.

Full of smart friendly students. Loved it.

Also loved the manager Paul. Working the night. Checking. Motivating. Smiling. Leading. Making the night safe, special and above all…….. Making the customers feel wanted.

Old club? Who cares. Clean tidy and safe. And so professional!


Loved it – Loved it – Loved it

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