During the glory days of nightclubs, when the manager of a nightclub was almost totally responsible for promoting his business, the following story raced around the Mecca circuit like wildfire.

It concerned a manager from Grimsby Tiffany`s, who decided to make a solo charity flight off Cleethorpes Pier.

He stole the idea from The Cats Whiskers York, where the management had gained much television coverage for a charity flight aimed to go downriver from  Skeldergate Bridge.

Sponsorship was based on the flier earning  £1.00 per wing flap, using artificial wings.

Five “York”  flaps were made, and the charity did well.

Grimsby and York were covered by different television regions, so the Grimsby Tiffany`s man had little difficulty in gaining a local news story. He set the time for the flight, and on the day a sizeable crowd of TV news and newspaper reporters gathered. But there was a problem.

The river at York contained ample water – but on the day of the Cleethorpes event the tide was way out into the Humber estuary. Cleethorpes Pier was landlocked!

We can only assume how the unfortunate manager felt.

The charity. The Television cameras. The ignominy of the situation.

So what the hell?

He jumped.

His flight was fairly predictable, but newsworthy all the same.

There is no record of any wing flaps, or rumour of large sums being raised for charity.

Instead – the poor man ended up in hospital with two broken ankles.

The moral of the story – Top marks for effort – but always take a tide table with you when you go to Cleethorpes.


Image from www.heritagetrail.co.uk