Have you ever tried to describe something that really impressess you – then searched the worlds to do it justice ?

If you have you will know exactly how I feel about last night`s visit to Cruise  Chester.

The city looked fabulous. Such smart and well dressed people mingling and hovering around classy bars, restaurants and clubs.

Enthusiastic staff offered fliers for Babylon and for a burlesque show at Platinum. Smart well healed customers queuing outside Rosies. The Watergate Bar oozing atmosphere and classy clientele, and a character of dubious gender holding court outside LA`s bar.

But that is only the overture. The backdrop – The main performance takes place at Cruise

Brendan McLoughlin – Cruise is AMAZING

Warmth of welcome – planning to make everyone enjoy the experience – the clientele ……….. it`s all there and more.

But to describe the Cruise experience any further would be unfair. Those attending are part of a sensation – a feeling.

Not just a club – a unique  relaxing  exciting  experience.

Almost unbelievable!


Image from manchester-clubbing.blogspot.com