The following story came into Locarno Boy recently about a young lady who was seriously assaulted by friends of a bouncer – then thrown out into the street.

`I’m Jenna, I write regarding an assault that happened to me recently in Bingley. In brief, I was in the nightclub “Porkies” (real name Berlins) with friends and after a trip to the ladies I was attacked by two females for no apparent reason apart from the fact I was in the cubicle when they wanted to be.

I received a serious head injury due to the consequences of being hit, kicked and having my head smashed against the wall and floor. My memory is limited but after the attack (possibly while it was still happening), I was dragged backwards out of the toilets and through the club. At the entrance I was literally thrown to the side of the door and left in a heap like a bag of ribbish while the two girls who attacked me were left in the club to enjoy the rest of their evening.

The bouncer saw that I had a head injury but paid no attention to it and no emergency services were called.

When 2 of my friends came to get me, one of them asked the doormen what was happening and they just dis regarded it like it never happened.`

Jenna fought to retain the sight in one eye.

The bouncer continued to work despite the SIA quango outlawing such conduct.

And the local police took no action.

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