Zuu in Aberdeen on the Windmill Brae was part of a 5 story complex with most of the complex left to rot with Gyms, Sauna’s Snooker & Pool rooms closed and left. The two used floors were the basement; which house the party bar “Berlin’s”, and on the next level was “Zuu”. We also use the top floor as “Labatt’s Land” but that’s another story.

European Leisure at the time were have some great success with the “Riley’s American Pool Hall” brand and during 97 they decided to develop a floor of this building to a ‘Rileys’, the work commenced and there was very little disruption to the rest of the trading units. Now you need to understand that ‘Zuu’ had a very industrial image, with air con ducts and pipes exposed in the ceiling and painted. This and saved a bundle on concealing them. There were so many tubes and pipes that we didn’t know what was used and what was a facade.

All of a sudden, after years of trading the ladies toilets began to block up – night after night. This was a mystery and we kept mopping – kept unblocking and eventually called out a drain company to investigate. T the toilets were near the office suite and was above the main club. No one was any wiser the experts could not put there finger on it.

As it happened, during the Riley`s Snooker Club project, the builder had joined the main waste pipe from the Ladies to Riley’s waste, not a problem, -had the builder not left a spanner in the works!

We didn’t find this out until one busy Saturday night a pipe right above the dance floor started leaking.This had never had this before in this venue, but just before we could cordon it off, the pipe opened up and the contents fell on the unsuspecting crowd!

Horrified we quickly moved to clear that area and look after the customers.

But none of the customers were bothered!!!

Previous weeks, we had a series of foam parties and they they assumed it was some kind of new dance event and they loved it! They would just not move!

The DJ had to drop the music and make announcements for their own safety.

It was a very bizarre situation.

First Leisure’s Amadeus was due to open in a few weeks after, so we made light of it and donned all the staff and customers in transparent poncho’s – which became a became a a promotional tool to help combat their opening.

Incidentally the first trading Saturday Amadeus had, we had the venue’s busiest session ever!



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